Thursday, May 6, 2010

Google Adsense

My dear friends Google ad sense is one of the ways to earn money. I know that you are thinking that how can you get the Google ads on your site that is very easy. Cr eat an account on 
 that write your content on the page. Remember the content should have interesting content. Once you complete your work of writing then go to the Layout  on the upper side of your typing box go into the menu and give a setting to your blog. then look to the upper side again you will see  Monetize there. Monetize it and publish this blog. After publishing this blog you should give the RSS feed of your blog. Don't f'gt to update your blog daily this will help search engines to search your blog.
Thanks Friends to read this blog 
I will come back to give you more information. Till then have a nice time.
Good Buy.


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