Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Write A Good Article

  Article writing is a way to promote yourself or your business. Now days it is an effective way to promote yourself. It is very important for a marketer to write an effective article. Now the question is rising that how a good article could be written? Article writing is something which has no limits and we can not bind it in any type of restriction. Writer has to provide his own feelings and touch but after all arguments we have some points which should be clear in writers mind. Those are the basics of any article. Here I am going to suggest you some points which are very important.

 When you start thinking to write an article you will need a subject. It is quite understandable. What will you write on, when you don’t have a subject? When decide a subject start research on that, read some good article on that subject. Don’t hesitate to take a copy and pen and write some notes about your subject. I also do this processor for writing my articles. Be a good thinker and open up your mind for new ideas.
 Make a plan to write your article on. Decide an attractive title. Once you complete these three steps start writing. Make it as simple as you can make it. Say simply and effectively, what you want to say. Your language should not be difficult so that an average reader also can understand.
Your article should develop with the time, with every paragraph and with every sentence. A tight and rapid development will bind your readers from the beginning till the end. It could be done logically, carefully, simply and effectively.

Every different topic should be in new paragraph. It should be like this, new topic new paragraph.

Now the main and most important thing is how your article will improve? There are three slots which are supposed to be in every article.

·        Introduction: In this section try to introduce what your topic is about? Why you write this and what is the need of this? Make it as clearer as you can.

·        Body: It is the main part which comprises most of an article. It is a part where you describe how a system, which you are trying to introduce, works. So it must be the most explanatory and most effective part of your article.

·        Essence: It will be the summary of your article and in this part when the whole matter is solved you have to try to make yourself logically correct and give the summary of your stuff.

You can write your article in paragraph {like this one} or can give every subject a title. Make it as you like it to make. Note down some points make some important notes then implement your arguments on them. Don’t ever copy any one; take only some ideas from others. Make it in your style, be yourself so that it can show everyone what you are?

Once this whole stuff complete test your article or do proof reading of it for spellings and grammar. Make sure that it is flowing smoothly and rapidly.

Presentation is one thing that is also very important. It is something which will attract the readers in first glance. These are the main points”

·        Present your work neatly.
·        Give the margin of at least 1” from both sides.
·        Use double Space between paragraphs.
·         Start paragraph after giving some space.
·        Have a home page or about page to brand your self.

In short, article writing is a fun including art and an article should be enjoying as well as informatory. Articles could be on different subjects but every article should be effective and simple. It should define the subject and on the same time it should define you also.


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